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WSR Learner Management System (LMS)

Secure online access to Corporate Clients and Students

The Education Training and Development industry is an excessive paper-based industry. The industry relies heavily on paper-based document management from the printing of training materials, storage of learner/student records and managing effective systems to ensure that information is filed, found and retrieved quickly and efficiently in a secure manner.

WSR is proud to announce that we are going GREEN!

We are launching an online secure platform (the WSR LMS SYSTEM) for our Corporate Clients, Learners, Students and SETA’s who will benefit tremendously from this secure centralised online system that will eliminate all the traditional industry specific frustrations.


Corporate Clients, you will love it

Managing employee training and tracking results has always been a daunting task. The majority of our corporate clientele manages Learner Portfolios of Evidence themselves for tracking purposes.

Portfolios are usually submitted at a central point, which could be a departmental training coordinator, who then arranges the delivery of the PoE’s to WSR on or before the submission deadline.

Often employees submit late and alternative arrangements had to be made or documents are misplaced which resulted in delays.


Designed for You

As a value added service to all our corporate clients the benefits of the new online LMS platform are multifold:

  • It will reduce the workload of training coordinators in collecting, tracking, managing and delivering PoE’s to us.
  • No need for physical file storage
  • Your employees will have access to a personalised secure online profile that will enable them to manage their own learning and personal information
  • All records are collected and saved to a uniform standard
  • Information and evidence is not easily lost as our system is backed up to a centralised server


Making life easier

Traditionally when attending accredited skills programmes or full qualifications the learner/student submits an original Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) with supplementary documentation that includes personal information, a certified copy of an ID, a certified copy of highest qualification obtained and other relevant documents required by each SETA.

WSR is launching a unique online platform (the WSR LMS SYSTEM) where future learners/students who have attended or will be attending any of our qualification or accredited skills programmes will have access to their own secure online profile.

E-PoE .. OH Yes!

Attending any future accredited skills programmes or full qualifications will reduce cumbersome paperwork. 

You will have access to your own secure personal online profile where you will be able to:

Upload a scanned certified copy of your ID and highest qualification in pdf format once-off

Submit and upload original scanned PoE or assessment before deadline dates 

Resubmit NYC activities 

Track and review your Results

Download statement of results

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